Cottoncrumbs – The Journey

We were suckers for the visual appeal and sheer comfort that luxe hotel rooms embodied, especially so in the farther lands!  

The first thing we did on every vacation was to jump onto the bed, sink into it and heave a sigh of utter relieve and comfort. The attraction of the bed was irrefutable. We understood how visual appeal was one of the biggest contributing factors for the elevated happiness we got seeing luxury hotel beddings, apart from of course tasteful comfort.  

The day we bought ourselves a laze provoking King Size mattress, we knew we wanted the “Hotel Goodness” for our bedding. 

1.The local bedding market could not fulfil our bedding requirements. We wanted both the luxury and the aesthetics that came with an insta-worthy bedroom. It was very difficult to get different layers of the bedding that were the right shade and quality match. Acknowledging this lack in Asia, we wanted to change how people viewed the role of soft furnishing in their homes and provide something unique to the market.

2.Apart from visual appeal, hoteliers knew the secrets of textiles luxury and comfort and to get it at the best value. A lot of the info that homeowners had about bedding was a bag of bull. We learnt this the hard way as this information was just not readily available out there.  

With these 2 end goals, Voila!’, Cottoncrumbs was born.  

Many research and surveys later, off we went. We travelled to different countries in search of the right material, product design architects, factories and found them all in different places. Upon merging these entities together, our solution was set into action! 


Got ourselves a lovely family warehouse/office space!

The Before

The After

A display bed where customers can come touch and feel before a purchase


Even our rescued puppy, Ella, loves our office!

And then there’s us!


The business started by launching its Cottoncrumbled BlogIn the blog articles, we share what we have learned for ourselves through testing and what we have learned from others. We call it “Beducation”.  

March 2020 came about, and the world came to a halt. If any of our blog readers were wondering what happened to us that we went M.I.A. Well; The world came to a halt. So did we.  

However, the Circuit Breaker gave us more time to better our solutions, team, knowledge and bring the best to you! So, we don’t really feel very bad about it.  

Its the first quarter of 2021; we are getting ready to launch with a bang! We would love for you to be part of this journey!

Take that little extra time and create your own dreamy bedroom,
Head home after a tiring day, look at your bed, and be anxious to be hugged within its layers
Plan more stay in weekends with your loved ones and pick out your favorite movies,
Order in a nice, hot pizza and snuggle into bed with the Cottoncrumbs sheets,
Close your eyes, dream more and have yourself a blissful rest. 

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