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Bolster Cover

Adorn yourself in the softness and fineness of silk and yet do-away with the glaring sheen to the fabric. A melodramatic alternative to the finest natural materials, Tencel is for those who prefer a less starchy and a non-firm feel to their sheets. Cool to the touch and ultra-soft in nature, be sure to be caressed to sleep while ensuring the world got safer with this eco-friendly material

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  • Dimensions : One Size : 38 x 106 CM
  • Material : 100% Tencel
  • 100% OEKO-TEX certified from Chemical Safety.
  • 300 Thread Count.
  • Features a silky look
Set cycle to cold “gentle” or “hand wash”. Add fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat. Pull out product in a straight line to minimize wrinkles. Best results when the product is slightly damp and leave out to air dry
  • Iron: On low heat

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Tencel Advantages

Tencel fibers can be felt by their natural softness. Made with Eco Soft technology, they also create a particularly pleasant, downright calming cool feeling on the skin.

One of the most outstanding properties of TENCEL fibers is their breathability. Tencel regulates the moisture transport from the body in a natural way which is perfect for our humid climate.



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Hey Mom,

Here's a secret. Sometimes I spy on you just to see if you have another 4 hands hiding somewhere.
I don't know how you do it, but you do.
I've probably given you countless sleepless nights and I know you have unconditionally been beside me every time. Just want you to know, I recognize that.
It would be weird if I laid down beside you and sung you a lullaby so that you can sleep. I decided to do one better instead.
Give you an amazing sleep night after night henceforth. Cos..
You Deserve it.
Happy Mother's Day & I Love You.😘
(Your Name)

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