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The Cottoncrumbs Thread Physiology

What we wanted out of our product, that wasn't already out there?

Our Speciality Material - Extra Fine Lenzing Tencel; why we chose it!

Tencel fibres are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

We could further customise its physiology to make it even much more luxurious and comfortable.

Additional customised features of our threads that make it luxurious and comfortable:

01. Single ply

Since tencel threads are wet-spun into a strong eco-friendly yarn, they can be made stronger and of better yarn thread than even cotton. Most of the times when you see a 1000 thread count sheet, it is because they spin multiple threads together to create stronger threads thereby increasing the thread count. In the case of tencel, the finest strongest threads are produced; making it unecessary to have multiple yarns thereby resulting in a light, soft and yet extremely long lasting material.

image image

More exposed ends, resulting in courser bedding

image image

02. Extremely long threads

See, Egyptian cotton is the king of cotton material because the cotton plants when stretched creates the longest threads. The longer the thread, the less the interlink required between multiple threads making it a more flawless stitch.

In the case of tencel, threads are man-made and we are there therefore able to make them as long as we want; therefore making it even better than Egyptian Cotton.

03. Thread Count

One of the main purposes of cottoncrumbs is also for it to be an educating platform when it comes to home textiles. As such, the most misrepresented logic of bedding is that the higher the thread count, the more luxurious and better the sheets which is the biggest lie within the bedding industry especially within Asia.

As multi ply threads are used to strengthen lower grade materials, a 1000 thread count actually indicates a lower quality product. We use very high grade, extra fine tencel threads at 300 thread count for a durable and flawless product.

If one really uses single ply, Egypitan cotton and yet has a 1000 thread count, than of course it will be a remarkable product that will cost about $2000 a set potentially. Which is kinda over our budget range for a bedding, and neither is it the consumer segment we want to service.


Advantages of lenzing tencel:

  • image
    Rich in Color
  • image
  • image
  • image
    Eco Friendly Fibers
  • image
    Naturally Soft & Smooth

We host Extra Fine 60 yarn, Long Threads which are Single Ply at 300 thread counts that makes the perfect bedding for our climate and homes.

Pss: We deem ourselves practical people. Tencel isn't exactly the cheapest material out there but it fulfilled all the requirements we had of a bedding material thereby creating the best value for the highest quality out there.

For the main products that were in direct contact with your skin during sleep, we chose Tencel.

For the decorative products and throws etc, we chose cotton so that we were spending practically on our home textile furnishings!


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